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What is Lazarus?

In order to get a grip on what Lazarus is one needs to imagine the atmosphere where it was born.

Sprawling city of Kiev, Ukraine. Year 2013. KPI, institute of Technology of Machine Building. After the classes the road leads to the chop-shop. Rows of garage cooperatives, lights in one of them are still lit well after dusk. Smell of gasoline, piles of disassembled bikes, hands are covered in grease and dust, slow heavy music playing in the background.

Technical expertise combined with the powerful desire to create something unique and of high quality using only your hands led a small group of buddies to plotting a course of action.

The Bicycle is an essential part of our life, best friend and tool for achieving freedom. Therefore creating a perfect “Chariot” became our primary line of work.

The Lazarus hath been born.

Through years of trials and errors and, of course, success, Lazarus gains immense amount of experience and power. Every hour of every day Lazarus advancing tirelessly. And there are many more ideas, plans and objectives to come.

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