Highest quality  is only sole god in LAZARUS' church. Our temple is workshop and our icons are measuring tools. We are praying for precision using G-code language. Total control of each step is the only way to achive perfection.

We are completely sure that every part of our components is perfect!

But if dark side become stronger and something gone wrong with one of LAZARUS' component without your fault, we swear  to solve this problem.

Warranty coverage  conditions

LAZARUS' warranty cover  failures caused by materials defect or  manufacturing mistakes, which interfere with the normal functioning of the part.

Product will not be warranted, if it used out of direct purpose or incorrect reassembled. 

Coating(anodyzing, polishing) is not a subject of this warranty. Since surfaces of parts usually undergo to  constant wear, there is no possibility to investigate the origin of damages.

LAZARUS doesn't cover the cost of shipping warranty items beyond 45 days after purchase.

Warranty period

All metal parts machined by LAZARUS have 2 year guarantee from date of purchase.

All wear parts like bearings and seals have 1 year guarantee from date of purchase.

That grace spreads only for original owner!

In case of emergency 

If warranty accident happened with your component manufactured by LAZARUS,
please write us to
Describe your problem, and we will respond you within 24 hours.